Babysitter Safety

When parents entrust their most treasured gifts to a babysitter, remember that they will feel more secure and will be more likely to hire someone who has taken Babysitter Safety Training.  Boys and girls who are trained in Babysitter Safety will have more confidence in dealing with the challenges that may face them while caring for children of all ages and stages.







This informative and practical training covers a variety of subjects, including:

  • Home safety
  • Infant and child care
  • Child development
  • Basic first aid, including choking rescue for infant/child
  • Injury prevention
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to handle emergencies
  • Healthy hints for meals and snacks
  • Safe marketing strategies

While the focus of this training is safety first, emphasis is also placed on responsibility, practical knowledge of child care, and developing a positive attitude when caring for children.   Class schedule

Babysitter Safety
Training CPR Supplement

After completing our Babysitter Safety Training, additional CPR training courses can be found at Health Ed of New England.

Circles Of Safety
Self Defense Training

As children grow, so too, does a parent's list of worries.  “What if my child is grabbed by someone?” “Will my child be able to stand up to a bully?”  “How can I teach my child to be more street smart?”  “What if my daughter has a problem on her date?” Every stage of a child’s development comes with safety concerns.

“Circles of Safety” is a self-defense and awareness training for children and young adults.  Like soccer or piano, the skills required for self defense do not become second nature without education, application and practice.  In this training, students gain knowledge and learn practical strategies to help them stay safe and avoid most unwanted encounters.

“Circles of Safety” includes a variety of interactive physical and verbal exercises that get kids moving and thinking about how to make their life safer without sacrificing fun or freedom.*

“Circles of Safety” helps students:

  • Develop their self protection mentality and attitude of value
  • Identify various levels of self defense
  • Practice and demonstrate verbal assertiveness techniques
  • Practice and demonstrate physical self defense techniques
  • Recognize characteristics of a persuasive predator
  • Identify qualities of a good relationship/friendship

Class schedule
*Class curriculum is appropriately adapted to specific age groups.



Pre Registration Required
for All South Shore Safety Courses

Home Alone
Staying Safe

It's hard not to worry when leaving your child home alone or in charge of younger siblings.“Home Alone Staying Safe” will prepare your child to handle most situations, from an unexpected knock on the door to an emergency 911 phone call.  This dynamic and interactive three-hour class for nine to twelve year olds is serious business made fun.






Topics covered in this class include:

  • Safety to and from school
  • Basic self defense moves and verbal assertiveness
  • Food/cooking safety
  • Choking prevention and Heimlich maneuver
  • Basic first aid and handling emergencies
  • Handling fears
  • Lots of prevention!
Class schedule